Digital Fluency

Digital Fluency is how effectively and how well we use digital technologies. As to whether you were taught in school or simply taught yourself, the use of the internet is very effective for learning which comes down to whether you use it correctly or not. In order to be digital fluent you must handle the internet appropriately by using it safely, respectively and responsibly in order to be utilising it successfully.

From my own experiences in year four we learnt how to correctly use a computer in our school computer lab and how to access websites and search engines such as google. We were given simple research tasks and after were rewarded by using the fun microsoft software, paint. We were taught the do’s and dont’s of the internet and how to effectively use it. By year seven using softwares such as powerpoint was a piece of cake, as in todays digital world being exposed at a younger age is necessary to keep up with our rapid growth of the internet and digital technologies. 

cropped-cropped-shutterstock_153752699.gifAs a Teacher teaching your students to be digital fluent is important, ensuring you are proclaiming the correct message of the internet. Making students aware of identity and privacy, ethnics and the history of the internet as well as enhancing their design skills and critical thinking helps them to proficiently become fluent. Through this students can access the internet in the best and safest way.

Dr Gerald White believes that having a Digital Fluency subject from K-12 is necessary due to todays technological world, as he states,“A K-12 subject on digital fluency would also help to determine the knowledge, skills and attitudes that need to be measured in order to gauge successful and safe use of the Internet.” 

As a whole everyone who engages with the internet must be digitally fluent in order to do daily tasks such as banking, applying for a job and online purchasing creating a digitally fluent world. 


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